QUERCUS and INDÁQUA establish partnership of environmental awareness

The INDAQUA, the company managing of the water supply and sewerage network, joins the project EcoCasa of Quercus, a partnership that aims to technical cooperation and exchange of information in various thematic areas relevant in terms of environmental awareness, such as water, energy, sustainable building and climate change.

The partnership between the two entities also includes contributions in the field of communication, in particular through the provision of content for items of television, radio and media (written and digital) that Quercus ensures with campaign’s recommendation developed by INDÁQUA the level of water supply and sewage collection and treatment.
Through this protocol with the Quercus, the INDÁQUA reinforces her intention to support sustainable growth in communities where it operates.
So, the project EcoCasa Quercus provides an important partnership in a central area in terms of efficiency in consumption and resources management and it can this way to raise his work awareness on population.