The Regulatory Services Authority of Water and Waste (ERSAR) of the water sector received several requests for clarification about these equipment, whose operation is generally shown by people from companies that sell them in the homes of consumers.
The Director of Water Quality department ERSAR Luis Simas told the Lusa news agency dealing with cases of "false advertising" because it says that water is not good to drink.
A similar opinion is transmitted to the agency Lusa by a lawyer association of consumer Deco Carolina Gouveia, emphasizing that "most of the sales of purifiers are made with aggressive sales techniques."
The way as it is presented the equipment and tests, concluding that the water doesn´t have enough quality to be consumed, are appointed by the association technique and a test of Protest Deco has warned: "The equipment doesn´t have practical effect on the quality of water. "
The equipment called scrubbers highlights all substances which are in water through an electrolysis process.
Those elements are attracted to the equipment placed in water, joined to the surrounding giving rise to agglutination, "a folder, with negative visual impact, but that has nothing to do with the quality," stated Luis Simas.
The possible "contaminants don’t appear on this experience," he said. "Those substances are part of the composition of a water mineralogical balance," said the head of ERSAR, concluding "there is false advertising" on the part of those companies to transmit that "water is poor quality and is detrimental to health."
With prices that can reach 2500€ and sold to benefit the equipment "make no sense in houses located in places where there is public distribution system," noted Luis Simas.
The Deco registered 13 mediation processes related with two legal brands of equipment, mostly in the north, Porto and Viana do Castelo, but the number of requests for information and complaints is higher.
Carolina Gouveia stated that the purchase can be canceled within 14 days after its completion.
According to the report for 2010, released by ERSAR in late September, most tap water continues to have "excellent” quality and it were completed 97.71% of the stipulated parameters; the Portuguese can consume it without problems throughout the country.
About 650,000 analyzes per year, 50 parameters, show "a compliance above 97%, which is, in international terms, a good thing,” emphasized the president of ERSAR, Jaime Melo Baptista.